Rachel Wong

 Rachel Wong

University of Washington, United States of America

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Neural Development is an open access, peer-reviewed, online journal that considers manuscripts on all aspects of research that use molecular, cellular, physiological or behavioural methods to provide novel insights into the mechanisms that underlie the formation of the nervous system, as well as its renewal and regeneration in adults.

Our broad goal is to understand the cellular interactions responsible for the proper assembly of neural circuits. We apply a multidisciplinary approach to investigate how retinal circuits in zebrafish and mice are assembled during development. Currently, we are using in vitro and in vivo live-imaging approaches, combined with electrophysiological techniques, to uncover the diverse strategies employed by retinal neurons to form appropriate synaptic partnerships and establish connectivity patterns unique to their functional circuitry. 

Key questions in developmental neurobiology are being tackled at all levels, from genes to circuits to behavior.Neural Development provides a highly accessible platform in a single open-access journal that brings together novel and collective insights into how the nervous system develops.

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