Molly Jahn

 Molly Jahn

University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

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Agriculture & Food Security is a peer-reviewed open access journal that addresses the challenge of global food security. It publishes articles within the field of food security research, with a particular focus on research that may inform more sustainable agriculture and food systems that better address local, regional, national and/or global food and nutritional insecurity. The journal considers cutting-edge contributions across the breadth of relevant academic disciplines, including agricultural, ecological, environmental, nutritional, and socio-economic sciences, public health and policy.

"It is past time for a major journal focused on a topic that is arguably among the most important for this century, Agriculture & Food Security, and I am deeply committed to ensuring the success of this endeavor. The journal will create a global forum with a focus on innovations in agricultural and food systems toward food security. This approach is both grounded and integrated, moving beyond agricultural strategies focused sharply on short-term yield maximization to address issues critical to the long-term sustainability of global food systems and improved human health outcomes. In this open access journal, research and user communities will find a forum for considering innovations in managing complex and diverse agricultural and economic systems to more fully meet the needs of the present while ensuring a productive and prosperous future."


Molly Jahn is a Professor in the Laboratory of Genetics and Department of Agronomy at the University of Wisconsin-Madison with an adjunct faculty appointment at Seoul National University.

She graduated with distinction in biology from Swarthmore College and holds graduate degrees from MIT and Cornell University. She was awarded the Life Sciences Research Foundation Fellowship from the Burroughs Wellcome Fund for post-doctoral studies at the University of California-Berkeley.

Molly Jahn was Professor of Plant Breeding and Plant Biology at Cornell University (1991-2006). From 2006-2011, she served as Dean of the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences at the University of Wisconsin and Director of the Wisconsin Agricultural Experiment Station. In 2009-10, she was called to Washington, DC to serve as Deputy and Acting Under Secretary of Research, Education and Economics at the U.S. Department of Agriculture. She has published in the areas of plant genomics, genetics and plant breeding with particular emphasis on biotic stress tolerance and quality traits. Her research groups at UW Madison and Cornell University have produced vegetable varieties that are now grown for subsistence and commercially on six continents. She has supervised graduate degree and postdoctoral training programmes in Plant Breeding, Plant Biology and Plant Molecular Biology, and worked with inter-sector partnerships and emerging institutions, leading integrated projects which have been the focus of a number of studies of technology transfer, development and outreach/extension strategies. 

Professor Jahn has served as the U.S. Commissioner for Sustainable Agriculture and Climate Change, USAID Scientific Liaison Officer and member of the board of The World Vegetable Center, Director of the Public Seed Initiative and the Organic Seed Partnership, Member of the Editorial Board and Executive Committee of The Plant Cell, and is currently a member of the National Academies of Science Board on Agriculture and Natural Resources. She is the incoming chair of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Energy and Environmental Sciences Directorate at the U.S. Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory and serves as Co-Chair and Technical Lead for the Wisconsin Sustainable Animal Agriculture Initiative. She has served as a liaison for Wisconsin's First Nations and Special Advisor to her Chancellor and Provost for sustainability sciences. Outside the academy, she has consulted widely in the private sector and advised philanthropic interests, venture capital and finance, governmental and international institutions and agencies in agriculture, life and environmental sciences.

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