Prof Mark Eiteman

Prof Mark Eiteman

University of Georgia, United States of America

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Journal of Biological Engineering, the official journal of the Institute of Biological Engineering, is an open access, online journal that publishes articles on all aspects of biological engineering.

The first Impact Factor for Journal of Biological Engineering is expected in June 2015.

Inspired by biology, Biological Engineering is the emerging discipline addressing global challenges in environment, resources, energy, health and sustainability through engineering analysis and design. The Journal of Biological Engineering provides a unique and unifying venue for publishing scholarly work promoting this broad and evolving field for the 21st century

Mark A. Eiteman is Professor of BioChemical Engineering and Microbiology at the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia (USA). He earned his B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Virginia Tech, and his M.S. and Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Virginia. Dr. Eiteman’s research interests are in the fermentation biotechnology with emphasis on microbial processes to generate fuels and chemicals. Through an understanding of microbial regulatory mechanism and redox balance constraints, his research goals are to develop strains and processes which maximize product formation. Recent products of interest include succinic acid, lactic acid, pyruvic acid and 5-aminolevulinate. Dr. Eiteman has a keen and broad interest in biological approaches to a variety of old problems, such as removing the microbial growth inhibitor acetic acid selectively from lignocellulosic hydrolysates and converting the resulting mixed sugar stream to a desired product. Through diverse research, he has authored over 80 peer reviewed articles in a wide range of journals, and has been awarded four U.S. patents.

Dr. Eiteman was instrumental in the founding of the Institute of Biological Engineering in 1995, and was elected Fellow in 2009 in recognition for service to the Biological Engineering community. He teaches a mass transfer course, as well as senior-level and graduate-level courses in biochemical engineering, separations and design. An academic engineering scientist for over 25 years, Dr. Eiteman is further fortunate to be continually grounded with a dose of reality by his wife, who is a fellow chemical engineering and employed in the private sector.

For more information, see Prof. Eiteman’s Lab website.

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