Dr Maurits de Brauw MD PhD

Dr Maurits de Brauw MD PhD

Slotervaart Hospital Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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New techniques and innovative technology are the fundamentals for progress in the surgical field. Endoscopic surgery represents a huge technical advancement and has revolutionized traditional techniques. Often subtle details and variations of surgical technique determine the efficacy and success of a procedure. Images of procedures, techniques and devices are captured on video and can be shared. Publication of video demonstrations will allow physicians to consider, discuss and adopt technical improvements in order to improve their surgical performance. By sharing video demonstrations, surgical techniques will grow, expand and develop for the benefit of the patient and the treatment of their disease.

Video Journal of Endoscopic Surgery and Interventional Techniques is the first high quality, peer-reviewed, open access journal exclusively publishing video content. The journal’s open access policy will enable all interested physicians worldwide access to these new insights. Video Journal of Endoscopic Surgery and Interventional Techniques covers the spectrum of new surgical techniques as well as state of the art surgeries in this field. Demonstrations of novel technology and devices are encouraged, as are complications associated with endoscopic surgery and their treatment.

Recommendations to avoid difficulties, or to improve existing procedures, as well as new approaches and their anatomic details will be considered. Other relevant interventional techniques like image guided surgery will also be published.

Maurits de Brauw is a graduate from the Leiden University in the Netherlands. He completed a residency in the Leiden University Medical Centre. He went to the Free University Medical Centre in Amsterdam to further specialize in endoscopic and gastrointestinal surgery. As a staff surgeon he joined the University Hospital of Maastricht for five years. Subsequently he accepted positions as staff surgeon in the training hospital ZOL in Genk, Belgium, the Mesos Medical Center in Utrecht and the St Antonius Hospital in the same city. For the past three years he is working as a gastrointestinal surgeon specialized in bariatric and colorectal surgery in the Slotervaart Hospital, Amsterdam. His research has been focused on experimental colorectal cancer surgery, which was the subject of his thesis in 1989, and endoscopic colorectal and bariatric surgery.

He is currently a Board member of the Dutch Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery, member of the Advisory Board of the Dutch Society of Gastro Intestinal Surgery, and aBoard member of Professional Interests of the Dutch Society of Surgery. He is the author of the book “The Waiting List and other Health Care Issues” and has more than 45 publications.

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