Dr Efrat Shadmi

Dr Efrat Shadmi

University of Haifa, Israel

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International Journal for Equity in Health is an open access, peer-reviewed, online journal presenting evidence relevant to the search for, and attainment of, equity in health across and within countries.

International Journal for Equity in Health aims to improve the understanding of issues that influence the health of populations. This includes the discussion of political, policy-related, economic, social and health services-related influences, particularly with regard to systematic differences in distributions of one or more aspects of health in population groups defined demographically, geographically, or socially.

Efrat Shadmi is a Lecturer at the Cheryl Spencer Department of Nursing at the University of Haifa, Israel. As a Fulbright grantee, she received her doctoral education from the Department of Health Policy and Management, the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health.  She is also a Registered Nurse, graduate of the University of Haifa.

Her research focuses on evaluating equitable health care delivery and its outcomes, evaluation of organizational mechanisms to reduce inequity in care, and on methods to better understand the distribution of morbidity between population groups. She also serves as a health policy consultant to Israel's largest non-profit health care organization.

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