Prof Heide Schatten

Prof Heide Schatten

University of Missouri-Columbia, United States of America

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Centrosome Research is a peer-reviewed, open access, online journal that publishes basic, applied and translational research on all aspects of the centrosome and its functional equivalents.

The journal welcomes studies conducted in a variety of model organisms and man, adopting a range of experimental techniques.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  •  Centrosome structure, function, molecular composition and regulation
  •  Centrosome proteomics, genetics and epigenetics
  •  Cell cycle-specific centrosome remodelling
  •  Centrosome-nuclear interactions and interactions with other cell components
  •  Centrosome involvement in proteolysis and signal transduction
  •  Centrosome function/dysfunction in reproductive biology, microbiology, environmental biology
  •  Centrosomes in stem cells, cell division, cellular differentiation and development
  •  Centrosome pathologies in reproductive disorders including infertility
  •  Centrosome dysfunction in cancer and other diseases
  •  Centrosome positioning, cell polarization and interactions with the primary cilium

Recent years have seen an explosion of research in this field, and Centrosome Research provides a forum for investigators in multiple disciplines to compile these advances in a single accessible location. In addition to cutting-edge research, the journal will publish comprehensive reviews, commentaries offering in-depth analysis, and methodology articles highlighting the latest technical developments.

Heide Schatten is Professor in Cell Biology at the University of Missouri, Columbia, USA. Her research interests centre on cytoskeletal regulation and on dysfunctions of the centrosome-microtubule cytoskeleton in cancer and reproductive disorders. Her work utilizes advanced imaging methods and a range of experimental models spanning cellular and molecular biology, cancer biology, reproductive biology, microbiology and space biology. She has collaborated with NASA scientists to conduct experiments aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavour, examining the effects of spaceflight on cytoskeletal organization and calcium dynamics during fertilization and development. She has authored over 180 papers and seven book chapters. She has edited several special topic journal issues and eight books, with two more currently in progress.

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