Mark Q Martindale

 Mark Q Martindale

University of Florida, United States of America

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EvoDevo publishes articles on a broad range of topics associated with the translation of genotype to phenotype in a phylogenetic context. Understanding the history of life, the evolution of novelty and the generation of form, whether through embryogenesis, budding, or regeneration are amongst the greatest challenges in biology. We support the understanding of these processes through the many complementary approaches that characterize the field of evo-devo.

Currently the Professor of Organismal Biology, and the Director of Kewalo Marine Laboratory of the Pacific Bioscience Research Center at the University of Hawaii in Honolulu.

It is an exciting time to be an evolutionary developmental biologist and I am thrilled to be involved in promoting a transdisciplinary approach to understanding the two greatest mysteries of Life: how functional organisms arise through their own developmental process, and how this process changes over evolutionary time to give rise to novel forms.

Martindale has worked on a wide array of topics including stem cell counting, the relationship of development to adult regeneration, the evolution of identified embryonic cell lineages, egg organization and the role of the early cleavage program in the distribution of developmental potential, and body plan evolution, in a diverse set of developing systems.  Current interests include the evolutionary origin of complex traits such as symmetry, mesoderm, and a functional nervous system in animal evolution and the evolution of gene regulatory networks.   He was recently named as winner of the University of Hawaii's Regents’ Medal for Excellence in Research (2004) and was awarded the Alexander Kowalevsky Medal for Comparative Embryology (2010) by the St. Petersburg Society of Naturalists. Martindale was recently recruited to be the Director of the Whitney Lab in January 2013.

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