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BioMed Central's Automated Article-Deposit service enables the simple transfer of an institution's complete published article content from a BioMed Central journal into the institution's repository. Based on the SWORD protocol (Simple Web-service Offering Repository Deposit) any open access article published in a BioMed Central journal will be automatically deposited in its official final published form (including PDFs, additional files, and article metadata) into the author's institutional repository, offering significant savings of time and effort for both authors and Repository Administrators.


  • Compatibility: The Automated Article-Deposit System is compatible with all the major repository platforms. For example: DSpace, Eprints and Fedora.
  • Timely deposition: As soon as the official final version of an article is published in a BioMed Central journal, the institutional repository will be automatically populated with the published article.


  • Time saving: Automated deposit into the repository requires less time and effort from both authors and Repository Administrators.
  • Policy/ mandate compliance: The service enables automatic compliance with the increasing number of open access deposit and self-archiving mandates.
  • Repository population: Adding content to a repository can be a big challenge for institutions. The Automated Article-Deposit service makes repository population easy and ongoing.

Please refer to our Automated Article-Deposit page for further information.

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