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Alzheimer's Research & Therapy

Alzheimer's Research & Therapy is the major forum for translational research into Alzheimer's disease. An online peer-reviewed journal, it publishes research with a translational focus, as well as clinical trials, research into drug discovery and development and epidemiologic studies.The journal has an Impact Factor of 4.39.

Arthritis Research & Therapy

Arthritis Research & Therapy is an online journal focusing on basic and clinical research relevant to all areas of arthritis and related autoimmune disease, including disorders of bone and cartilage. The journal has an Impact Factor of 4.30 and its aim is to serve as a focus for communication about all aspects of arthritis, autoimmune rheumatic diseases and skeletal disorders.

Breast Cancer Research

Breast Cancer Research is a multi-disciplinary journal with an Impact Factor of 5.87. The journal publishes research and analysis in all areas of basic and translational science relevant to breast cancer, particularly in genetics, biochemistry and cell biology.

Critical Care

Critical Care is a peer-reviewed, clinical medical journal with an Impact Factor of 4.72. The journal aims to improve the care of critically ill patients by acquiring, discussing, distributing and promoting evidence-based information relevant to intensivists.

Genome Biology

Genome Biology reviews, reports, highlights and assesses the significance of the most important findings in post-genomic biology, as they occur. The journal has an Impact Factor of 10.3 and is an international forum for the dissemination, discussion and critical review of information about all areas of biology informed by genomic research.

Genome Medicine

Genome Medicine publishes open access research articles of outstanding quality in all areas of medicine studied from a genomic or post-genomic perspective. The journal has a special focus on the latest technologies and findings that impact on the understanding and management of human health and disease. The journal has an Impact Factor of 3.91.

Stem Cell Research & Therapy

Stem Cell Research & Therapy is the major forum for translational research into stem cell therapies. An online peer-reviewed journal with an Impact Factor of 3.65, it publishes research with a special emphasis on basic, translational, and clinical research into stem cell therapeutics, including animal models, and clinical trials

Automated Article-Deposit

Automated Article-Deposit is a service which enables the simple transfer of any article published from BioMed Central's journals into an institution's repository. It is offered at no additional cost to BioMed Central Members and Open Repository Enhanced Customers, or as a separately-chargeable service to others.

Open Repository

Open Repository is a service provided by BioMed Central, which builds and maintains repositories on the behalf of organizations and institutions. It offers different levels of service, providing a professional, reliable, cost-effective repository solution to fit with the needs and budget of any institution.

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