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This section has been specially designed to provide librarians with information about BioMed Central's subscription products and services aimed specifically at the biology and medical research community.

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Introducing Papers - your personal library of research

Papers is a comprehensive scientific workflow solution now offered by BioMed Central to help students, faculty, researchers and other professionals manage their research from start to finish.

From within Papers you can:

  •  Search for and discover articles and documents of interest from built in 25+ repositories
  •  Import and organize those articles for easy access, as well as import and organize articles from your hard drive or from other sources
  •  Read, highlight and annotate those articles
  •  Share comments and metadata about articles of interest with others
  •  Insert citations into your work specific to the style requirements of over 6000 journals, manuals and organizations

Ease of use is one of the main reasons Papers users report choosing this workflow solution.

Detailed functionality is outlined at You can also find a collection of short video tutorials at

To learn more or to arrange a non-obligatory 30 day trial to Papers, please do contact us.

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We now have over 500 Members!

The Membership Program allows institutions to actively support open access by removing some or all of the financial cost from the individual author, when publishing in a BioMed Central, Chemistry Central or SpringerOpen journal.

"Each year, Glasgow University staff publish a growing number of articles in BioMed Central journals, knowing that the journals are of high quality and that their work will reach the widest possible audience."

Tony Kidd, University of Glasgow

"The Supporter's Membership scheme is considered to be very good value for money by the University of Cambridge; our academic community publishes many articles on BioMed Central and the Membership scheme provides a substantial discount (thereby freeing up resources for research and other requirements). The Membership has been straightforward and easy to set up and requires very little administrative effort. It is highly likely that the University of Cambridge will renew Membership of this scheme for the foreseeable future."

Chad Pillinger, University of Cambridge

Open Repository

Builds and maintains repositories for institutions, enabling them to have their own branded repository without the logistical complexities that an in-house solution brings.

Visit the website or follow us on Twitter to learn more.

Recent Launches

The Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC)

Earlier this year, Open Repository welcomed UPC as its first South American institutional repository client and announced the launch of their new repository, DELFOS. Read our press release and case study (attached) to learn how Open Repository helped UPC to set up DELFOS.

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