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  • Image attributed to: Detail of Figure 3_from Tsalik et al.

    Expressed variants and sepsis outcomes

    Blood transcriptional profiling of patients with sepsis, including survivors and non-survivors, reveals survival is associated with a strong immune response and with missense variants in VPS9D1.

    Genome Medicine 2014, 6:111
  • Image attributed to: Shanel, Wikipedia, CC3.0

    Going deep into the mitochondrial genome

    A new database, the most comprehensive and thorough analysis of mitochondrial gene content to date, has implications for the deep phylogeny of eukaryotes and provides an important resource for researchers in genome evolution.

    BMC Evolutionary Biology 2014, 14:237
  • Image attributed to: Bacteria

    State-of-the-art and future of bacterial GWAS

    Massey and Read discuss the recent advances and remaining challenges in the field of bacterial GWAS and propose strategies to improve the validation and dissect mechanism.

    Genome Medicine 2014, 6:109
  • Mitochondrial transcriptome in pediatric septic shock

    Nuclear-encoded mitochondrial genes are differentially expressed early in pediatric septic shock compared with healthy controls, indicating the nuclear genome may be an important mechanism contributing to alterations in mitochondrial bioenergetic function and outcomes in pediatric sepsis.

    Critical Care 2014, 18:623
  • Translational tuberculosis genomics

    Valerie Mizrahi and Digby Warner discuss genomic insights into tuberculosis, and the challenges that remain for controlling the disease in endemic regions

    Genome Biology 2014, 15:514

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Da_Vinci_Vitruvian_man_clip Cell Communication and Signaling has published a review series on 'Systems Biology and Medicine'

The collection, edited by Fred Schaper and Stephan Feller, provides a comprehensive overview of current models and known networks in signal transduction, including reviews on apoptosis, dopamine metabolism and probabilistic Boolean networks. BioMed Central's magazine Biome published a feature about the series.

Beyond the Genome 2013