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  • Little is known of the epidemiology of Toxoplasma gondii in the Caribbean. We report a seroprevalence of over 40% in small ruminants from 4 different islands, indicating widespread environmental contamination with oocysts. Image: Toxoplasma infects small ruminants.
  • Evaluation of Biogent (BG) commercial lure against natural human skin volatiles as odour bait sources for improved sampling of adult Ae. aegypti in two different endemic areas of chikungunya and dengue fever in Kenya - Kilifi and Busia Counties. Image: The environments in Busia and Kilifi where field studies comparing the efficacies of natural human odours were carried out.
  • The effect of the level of education attainment of head of households of five to nineteen year old individuals in Zambia on ITN utilization was investigated. Health education messages to increase ITN utilization need to account for differential variations associated with education attainment in communities.
  • Paper describes a new method, based on AllGlo probes, for genotyping the kdr locus of Anopheles sinensis, and compares this method with other already published assays.