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  • Candidate gene approach points to parallels between human and canine diabetes

    This study examined 18 genes associated with human monogenic diabetes, and tested whether they are also associated with diabetes in 17 different dog breeds. Six variants from five genes were associated with diabetes in some breeds, including two variants in ZFP57 associated with diabetes in two different breeds.

    Canine Genetics and Epidemiology 2014, 1:8
  • Image attributed to: wikimedia commons (Mouse islet cells LM Solimena Lab)

    Fatty acids and epigenetics

    Delphine Fradin and Pierre Bougnères discuss the limitations of a study revealing palmitate-induced epigenetic alterations in pancreatic cells, but emphasize that the findings pave the way for future research into obesity-induced metabolic changes.

    BMC Medicine 2014, 12:104
  • Image attributed to: istock folder (DNA analysis)

    Palmitate induces epigenetic changes

    Exposing pancreatic islet cells to the free fatty acid palmitate results in differential gene expression and epigenetic modifications, which may influence type 2 diabetes risk through impaired insulin secretion in these treated cells.

    BMC Medicine 2014, 12:103
  • Video Q&A: impact of stress

    In this video Q&A, we interview George Chrousos on the impact of stress on chronic non-communicable disorders, and discuss the physiological and economic factors that affect stress, as well as how it can be prevented.

    BMC Medicine 2014, 12:102
  • Novel biomarker panel for breast cancer

    Five serum proteins can distinguish between serum from women with breast cancer and healthy control subjects with high sensitivity and specificity and can significantly predict recurrence-free survival in women with estrogen receptor negative tumors.

    Breast Cancer Research 2014, 16:R63


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