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Human Genomics has now launched and is accepting submissions

Previously published by Henry Stewart Publications, Human Genomics has now launched and is accepting submissions under BioMed Central's open access platform. Edited by Prof. Vasilis Vasiliou, the journal aims to facilitate rapid publication and stimulate discussion within the human genomic field. The journal welcomes manuscripts relating to the application of genomic analysis in the understanding, treatment and diagnosis of complex and Mendelian diseases, as well as reports of the genomic analysis of adverse drug reactions, drug efficacy and safety.

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Hot topics

Cancer biomarkers


Protein profiling of ovarian cancers by immunohistochemistry to identify potential target pathways

Foss CD, Dalton HJ, Monk BJ, Chase DM and Farley JH

Gynecologic Oncology Research and Practice 2014, 1:4

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LotuS: an efficient and user-friendly OTU processing pipeline

Hildebrand F, Tadeo R, Voigt AY, Bork P and Raes J

Microbiome 2014, 2:30

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Clinical proteomics


Risk determination and prevention of breast cancer

Howell A, Anderson AS, Clarke RB, Duffy SW, Evans DG, Garcia-Closas M, Gescher AJ, Key TJ et al.

Breast Cancer Research 2014, 16:446

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