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BioMed Central, Chemistry Central and SpringerOpen are committed to providing immediate and free access to all the research published in our 390+ journals. To meet the cost of publishing, authors who publish in our open access journals are required to pay an article-processing charge (APC) per published paper. However, to support researchers in developing countries, BioMed Central operates a waiver scheme that enables authors to publish their research without incurring the usual APC.

Open access publishing requires libraries to maintain their pivotal role in supporting researchers with the dissemination of research and in the advocacy of publishing choices. To support libraries in the developing world to this aim, BioMed Central has created Foundation Membership and an Open Access Package.

Foundation Membership

Foundation Membership is an initiative from BioMed Central that enables institutions in developing countries to demonstrate their commitment and support for open access publishing and offers a range of benefits for participating Members. There is no cost to become a Foundation Member but institutions must fulfil certain criteria.

Benefits of Foundation Membership:

Foundation Member institutes can take advantage of:

  • A branded webpage on the BioMed Central website - this acts as a showcase for your institution. The page features titles and links to relevant articles generated by the Member institution, which are published in our open access journals.
  • BioMed Central Member logo for use on institution website.
  • A Member welcome pack.
  • A Member open access tool kit - includes a range of advocacy material for your institution.
  • Publicity and marketing of your institution's Membership to a global audience.
  • Complimentary subscriptions - in addition to its open access journals, BioMed Central operates a number of additional subscription products and services. Foundation Members receive complimentary subscriptions to these which include:

Criteria for Foundation Membership

  • Institutions should have expressed explicit public support for open access - for example, via open access deposit mandates and/or policies recommending open access publication.
  • Institutions should have published in a BioMed Central, Chemistry Central or SpringerOpen journal.

BioMed Central's Open Access Package

BioMed Central's Open Access Package has been designed to provide a complete and affordable open access solution for institutions in developing countries. The package enables institutions to show their commitment for open access and provides them with the tools to support both open access publishing and self-archiving at their institution.

Package details:

  • BioMed Central Foundation Membership (as detailed above).
  • Open Repository lite - build and hosting of a branded institutional DSpace repository, and
  • Automated Article-Deposit - simple transfer of your institution's complete published article content from BioMed Central, Chemistry Central and SpringerOpen journals into the institution's repository.

Cost: £2500 (per annum)

If you would like further information about Foundation Membership or BioMed Central's Open Access Package, please contact:

Natalia Timiraos, Head of Sales
Phone: +44 (0) 20 3192 2227

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