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The free exchange of scientific and medical information can play an important role in international development.

BioMed Central provides free, immediate online access to the full text of all research articles published within its portfolio of 274 peer-reviewed journals, and through its open access waiver fund, enables scientific authors in low-income countries to overcome the financial barriers to publishing in open access journals.

Open access provides a way for researchers from low-income countries to participate more fully in the international research community, and so BioMed Central has created a set of initiatives designed to increase the visibility and output of scientific research from these countries.


Research highlights

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    Does behavioral influence flu spread?

    The transmission potential of the 2009 A/H1N1 influenza outbreak may have been greater than previously thought as behavioral response, as measured by home television viewing, indicates that there was initial social distancing potentially limiting disease spread.

    BMC Infectious Diseases 2015, 15:21
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    Limiting SBMU to 2 hours a day no longer feasible

    Current pediatric recommendations of less than 2 hours per day pertaining to screen based media use (SBMU) may no longer be tenable as SBM are central in the everyday lives of children and adolescents.

    BMC Public Health 2015, 15:5
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    Alcohol consumption highest in Northern England

    Population level alcohol consumption in Great Britain is associated with alcohol-caused mortality, with per adult consumption in northern England being above the country’s average and characterised by high beer sales.

    BMC Public Health 2015, 15:1



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BioMed Central has a range of advocacy material to help you spread the word about open access at your institution. Visit our advocacy pages to download a range of material including posters, leaflets and presentations.

Open Access initiatives

Open Access Africa logo - an event from BioMed Central

Open Access Africa 2012, hosted by BioMed Central and held at the University of Cape Town, brought together researchers, librarians, university administrators, funders and other decision-makers to discuss the benefits of open access to research in an African context, from the perspective of both researchers seeking to globally communicate their work, as well as readers seeking to access information.

Presentation slides and video of the sessions from Open Access Africa are available here.

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