Hybrid between Heliconius melpomene {euryas} and H. cydno cydno
© J.F. Le Crom / M. Linares

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No:                      42
Genus of species 1:      Heliconius
Species 1:               melpomene
Subspecies of species 1: {euryas}
Genus of species 2:      Heliconius
Species 2:               cydno
Subspecies of species 2: cydno
Sex:                     m
Country:                 Colombia
Locality:                Caldas: Victoria
Year:                    1966
Photo no.:               melcyd12
Named hybrid:            nr. wernickei
Collection:              Schmidt-Mumm/Instituto Alexander von Humboldt
Collector:               E. Schmidt-Mumm
Author/publication:      Salazar 1993:3
Notes:                   BC->cydno

Last updated: 7 June 2006