Artificially produced hybrids between species and races of Heliconius butterflies

James Mallet

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Database of natural Heliconius hybrids

Personal communications about Heliconius hybrids produced in captivity

During our compilation of the database of natural interspecific hybrids in collections, we have excluded any hybrids certainly or probably produced in captivity.  (We have also excluded any intraspecific hybrids. There are now a number of butterfly farms and butterfly houses in which multiple species of Heliconius from different regions are kept together at high density, and hybrids can often result in these situations.  In addition, there is now a certain amount of enthusiasm among purchasers of exotic Lepidoptera for varieties and hybrids, and it therefore seems not improbable that some of the commercial market in such rarities will be filled by artificial hybrids.  Caveat emptor!

Luis Miguel Constantino [H.heurippa, H.cydno, H. melpomene, H. charitonia].
Jean-Pierre Vesco [H.melpomene, H.cydno, H.hecale, H.atthis].
Lawrence E. Gilbert [H. melpomene x H. cydno gynandromorph]

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Source: J. Mallet

Last updated: 18 September 2006