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  • Image attributed to: Fig 5A Leettola et al BMC Strucutral Biology 2014

    Characterizing SAM domains

    Structural characterization of the ANKS3-SAM/ANKS6-SAM complex reveals that a R823W point mutation causes destabilization of the SAM domain, a mechanism which is implicated in the pathogenesis of polycystic kidney disease.

    BMC Structural Biology 2014, 14:17
  • Image attributed to: Fig 6B Florin et al BMC Structural Biology 2014 14,16

    Evaluating spin labeling algorithms

    Crystal packing of the spin labelled crystal structure of azurin provides a useful input model for evaluating two popular in silico spin labelling programs, highlighting potential limitations of the algorithms.

    BMC Structural Biology 2014, 14:16
  • Image attributed to: Breitsprecher et al BMC Structural Biology 2014 14,12

    Engineering a hybrid protein

    Structure-based protein engineering creates a hybrid protein of two bacterial virulence factors, the Yersinia enterocolitica type III secretion protein YopM and the Listeria mono-cytogenes invasion protein InB, to investigate MET signaling.

    BMC Structural Biology 2014, 14:12
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