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  • Image attributed to: Adam Barhan, Flickr, CC

    Psychology behind drinking habits

    In contrast to similar studies on appetite, subliminal priming techniques do not seem to affect motivational orientations in heavy drinkers.

    BMC Psychology 2014, 2:28
  • Image attributed to: Mitchell Joyce, Flickr, CC

    Mindfulness and decentering

    Sometimes regarded as the same psychological construct, results of a mediation model suggest that mindfulness and decentering should be classed as two separate (but related) concepts.

    BMC Psychology 2014, 2:18
  • Image attributed to: bricolage 108, Flickr, CC

    Parents' view of child mental health

    Qualitative findings reveal parents' perspectives on their own mental health and how anxiety and depression may develop in their children, highlighting important barriers to prevention such as stigma and a perceived lack of necessity for intervention.

    BMC Psychology 2014, 2:17
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