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    Dental care for refugee children

    As childhood caries in pre-school refugee children are high, a better understanding of the refugee experience and cross-cultural communication should become the basis for an improved service and access to dental care for this vulnerable group.

    BMC Oral Health 2014, 14:69
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    Promoting healthy gums and brighter smiles

    Translating knowledge into action is never easy; in order to improve public knowledge on periodontal disease in developing countries, researchers reach for mass media and cartoons.

    BMC Oral Health 2014, 14:31
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    Can students afford to specialise?

    As cost of education rise, educational debt starts to play a major role in affecting career choices of dental students, potentially pushing them towards going into private practice immediately after graduation rather than pursuing further specialization.

    BMC Oral Health 2014, 14:18
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