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ROC graph labels (Vit Drga, 14 November 2013)

The ROC curves in Figures 1-4 show Sensitivity vs Specificity rather than Sensitivity vs 1-Specificity, as labelled. AUC values remain unaffected. read full comment

Comment on: Wang et al. BMC Medical Genomics, 6:S9

gene names (Shanaz Ghandhi, 27 June 2011)

Why are all the genes used in this paper with mouse notations not human? read full comment

Comment on: Serão et al. BMC Medical Genomics, 4:49

Erratum (Marit Waaseth, 25 May 2011)

The third paragraph under the headline "Data analysis" in the Methods section should read: The gene sets defined from the limma analyses or extracted from the literature or found in publicly available web applications, such as KEGG (Kyoto Encyclopaedia of Genes and Genomes) [28] or AmiGO [29], were tested for differential expression between groups with high and low hormone concentration using globaltest [30] read full comment

Comment on: Waaseth et al. BMC Medical Genomics, 4:29

addendum to article (Henrik Edgren, 05 November 2009)

Information on the exact nonsense mutation in RIC8A was inadvertently
omitted from the article. The mutation is c724G>T resulting in
pGlu242X in the protein sequence. We regret this oversight. read full comment

Comment on: Muggerud et al. BMC Medical Genomics, 2:26

Data Availability (Peter Haverty, 15 October 2009)

For those interested in accessing the data associated with this manuscript, the SNP Array data are available at the GEO web site ( as both CEL files and segmented copy number values in text format. Our analysis also made use of expression data for certain genes in genomic regions of interest. Unfortunately, we cannot make the bulk expression data available for download as it is the property of Genelogic (An Ocimum Biosolutions Company). Our contract with Genelogic will only allow for the release of relatively small subsets of the data.

We understand the desire by many to access both the expression and DNA copy number data for the same patients. We have been trying to persuade GeneLogic to make such expression data... read full comment

Comment on: Haverty et al. BMC Medical Genomics, 2:21

breast cancer receptor status (Thomas Litman, 10 August 2009)

Note added after publication, and addressing a reader's question:

The breast cancer samples were all estrogen receptor (ER) positive according to IHC stainng. read full comment

Comment on: Nygaard et al. BMC Medical Genomics, 2:35

PTPRJ mutation (Rodolfo Iuliano, 08 July 2009)

Buffart et al. in this paper affirm that they found a mutation (Glu836Asp) in PTPRJ gene. They reported the sequence of the region surrounding the mutation and, indeed, the sequence perfectly matches with that of exon 13 that includes a well known polymorphism of PTPRJ (Asp872Glu, SNP ID rs 4752904). Thus, also in this case, as correctly reported for the other two polymorphisms of PTPRJ, the authors detected a polymorphism and not a mutation of PTPRJ. read full comment

Comment on: Buffart et al. BMC Medical Genomics, 2:39