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    Monocyte TREM-1 may reflect outcome in human sepsis

    Analysis of venous blood from sepsis patients suggests that an early decrease in gene expression of TREM-1 in monocytes is associated with poor outcome and a reciprocal decrease of the surface receptor TREM-1 linked with sepsis-induced immunosuppression may be part of the explanation.

    BMC Immunology 2014, 15:585
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    Lipid raft-based membrane order in adaptive immune response

    Studies in primary CD4+ T cells from mice suggest that lipid raft-based membrane order is critical for clonal expansion of CD4+ T cells in response to a model peptide.

    BMC Immunology 2014, 15:58
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    Tool to analyze immunoglobulin heavy chain rearrangements

    A novel web based application ImmunoGlobulin Galaxy (IGGalaxy) can analyze next-generation sequencing results and report immunoglobulin heavy chain (IHG) gene rearrangements for both repertoire and clonality studies.

    BMC Immunology 2014, 15:59
  • Image attributed to: BMC Immunology 2014, 15:61

    Identification of pathways to adverse autoimmune events

    Unique and common gene sets, pathways, immune system categories and functional clusters of genes in four autoimmune diseases suggest it is possible to develop molecular classifications of autoimmune and inflammatory events.

    BMC Immunology 2014, 15:61
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    Profiling the spleen in progressive visceral leishmaniasis

    First generation microarray analysis of gene expression in the spleens of hamsters with progressive visceral leishmaniasis demonstrated a large number of highly upregulated genes and offers further insight into pathogenesis.

    BMC Immunology 2014, 15:38
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