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  • Image attributed to: Figure 7

    BMP7's role in branching

    Transition from the initial wide branching urinary collecting duct tree to narrower later branching is dependent on the proximity of other branch tips with bone morphogenetic protein 7 (BMP7) acting as a repelling molecule in this process.

    BMC Developmental Biology 2014, 14:35
  • Image attributed to: Brian Gratwicke on Wikipedia

    Proteomics of Xenopus limb regeneration

    Global protein expression during regeneration of the Xenopus froglet hindlimb has key differences, when compared to axolotl, that lead to signaling deficiency, failure to retard mitosis, premature chondrocyte differentiation, and failure of dorsoventral axial asymmetry.

    BMC Developmental Biology 2014, 14:32
  • Image attributed to: Modified from Figure 4

    Expression of CLIC4 in neural tissues

    Chloride Intracellular Channel 4 (CLIC4) is expressed in a number of neural tissues and appears to participate in midgestational brain differentiation aswell as adult brain neurogenesis and may implicate dysfunctional CLIC4 regulation in brain pathology.

    BMC Developmental Biology 2014, 14:24
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