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    Biophysics of cell behavior

    Mathematical analysis based on cell surface properties mechanics models the range of 2D and 3D possibilities for single cell behavior and organization into tissue.

    BMC Biophysics 2015, 8:8
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    New label to monitor nucleic acid movement

    A rigid spin label that covalently attaches to the backbone of nucleic acid provides a nucleotide-free way of labeling DNA/RNA and investigating their folding and dynamics.

    BMC Biophysics 2015, 8:6
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    Correcting single-molecule sample drift

    A new metric based on distance between molecules seeks to solve the sample drift correction required by super-resolution microscopy, using the position information of molecules to estimate frame drift.

    BMC Biophysics 2015, 8:1
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    Protein filaments as fences

    Simulation models of the the pooling of phospholipid PIP2 show that protein filaments must consist of multiple rows or be buried below the surface of the membrane to act as effective molecular fences.

    BMC Biophysics 2014, 7:13
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