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Editor's comment - further coverage of this research (Simon Harold PhD, 18 May 2012)

Readers may be interested in further coverage of this research on our blog "Could biophysics help Novak Djokovic?"'

This article also appears as part of the article series ┬┐Advances in Food Allergy 2012┬┐

Simon Harold
Executive Editor
BMC Biophysics read full comment

Comment on: Kök et al. BMC Biophysics, 5:10

Membrane vesicles shedding (Gabriele Losa, 05 March 2010)

Very interisting approach for obtaining membrane vesicles from intact erythrocytes, which evokes membrane shedding, a phenomenon well documented in tumour systems ( see: G.Losa et al. Characterization of membrane vesicles cirdulating in ...Lab. Investigation 55,5,1986, pp.573). My question : could these membrane vesicles be visualized by morpho-ultrastructural methods ? or only by methods based on variation of temperature and cholesterol content ? read full comment

Comment on: Gonzalez et al. BMC Biophysics, 2:7