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    The mathematics of metabolic health

    H. Nijhout, Janet Best, Michael Reed

    Mathematical models based on experimental data can give new insight into biological systems not easily gleaned from experiments alone. Nijhout et al explain how their approach to modeling complex metabolic networks delivers insights relevant to human health.

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    Mechanotransduction: use the force(s)

    Ewa Paluch, Celeste Nelson, Nicolas Biais, Ben Fabry, Jens Moeller, Beth Pruitt, Carina Wollnik, Galina Kudryasheva, Florian Rehfeldt, Walter Federle

    Cells sense and respond to physical forces in a broad range of biological phenomena. We invited leading researchers to discuss how the field of mechanotransduction is changing the way we think cells (and animals!) interact with their environments, and highlight striking examples from across different fields.

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    Modeling cell cycle regulation

    John Tyson, Béla Novák

    What triggers eukaryotic cells to enter and exit from mitosis?  John Tyson and Béla Novak explain how mathematical modeling has helped answer this question, making some surprising predictions - for example a bistable switch implementing irreversible entry - that were later confirmed experimentally.


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