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  • Image attributed to: BMC Bioinformatics 2014, 15:388, from Fig 3

    MAW - Linear-time computation of minimal absent words

    The implementation of the first O(n)-time and O(n)-space algorithm using  suffix arrays outperforms existing tools for computing the minimal absent words of a given sequence, without the use of data structures and with increased efficiency in terms of speed and memory.

    BMC Bioinformatics 2014, 15:388
  • Image attributed to: BMC Bioinformatics 2014, 15:384, from Fig 6

    Taxonomic classification of metagenomes

    The taxonomic classifier AKE (Accelerated k-mer Exploration web-tool), based on a data-driven hierarchical model and parallel computing,  allows faster classification and visual inspection of whole metagenome data sets.

    BMC Bioinformatics 2014, 15:384
  • Image attributed to: BMC Bioinformatics 2014, 15:405, from Fig 3

    Gene Ontology prediction from phenotype data

    A new set of algorithms that inspect the structure and relationship between gene functions and phenotypes through correlation modeling  independently of semantic analysis, can be used to infer functional biological knowledge potentially overlooked through lexical or semantic similarity measures.

    BMC Bioinformatics 2014, 15:405
  • Image attributed to: BMC Bioinformatics 2014, 15:399, from Fig 2

    Bio3D - Integrated analysis of protein structure and evolution

    The Bio3D package includes new methods for the analysis and visualization of protein dynamics both from experimental and simulated data, integrated with tools for comparative analysis of evolutionary related protein structures and systematic retrieval of publicly available sequence and structural data.

    BMC Bioinformatics 2014, 15:399
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