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Induced pluripotent stem cells: next steps for neuroregeneration

What more is needed to apply iPS technology to neural disease models for the generation of new therapies? Hideyuki Okano answers.

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Can a common spice be used for neural regeneration?

Research in mice suggests the active ingredient in turmeric may promote neural regeneration by inducing the proliferation of neural stem cells.

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Hand on heart: microRNA regulation of Hand1 for cardiomyocyte differentiation

Stem Research & Therapy study uncovers how microRNA regulates specialised differentiation of cardiac cells through the transcription factor Hand1

Embryonic stem cell derived cardiomyocytes, human_Wikimedia_ Liu et al,PLoS ONE,7,5,e37559

Mahendra Rao on the many faces of stem cell pluripotency

Mahendra Rao looks back at 20 years of pluripotent stem cell research, highlighting key developments that may inform future stem cell therapy

beta amyloid plaques in mouse hippocampus_Blurton-Jones et al,Stem Cell Research & Therapy,2014,5,46

Mathew Blurton-Jones on neural stem cells for treating Alzheimer’s

Researchers reveal how neural stem cells expressing an enzyme capable of degrading beta-amyloid may aid future therapies for Alzheimer’s disease

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Ronald Li on the hurdles and hope for stem-cell based therapies in cardiovascular disease

Ronald Li discusses the hurdles and hopes for stem cell-based therapies in cardiovascular regeneration

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Patricia Lemarchand on the effect of smoking on mobilising cells to aid recovery following myocardial infarction

Bone marrow cells mobilise following acute myocardial infarction to aid tissue repair. Researchers investigate the effect of smoking on this process

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Can stem cells improve the long-term complications of necrotizing enterocolitis?

Necrotizing enterocolitis is a common cause of mortality in neonates. Research now shows stem cells may alleviate its long-term complications

Multiple sclerosis cortical demyelination_Popescu and Lucchinetti,BMC Neurology,2012,12,11

Stem cell face off: are BMSCs, ASCs or SVF cells best at battling autoimmune disease?

Bone marrow derived stromal cells, adipose stem cells and the stromal vascular fraction – which fare better in treating multiple sclerosis?

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Buccal fat pads: a promising source of stem cells for oral surgery

Research in Stem Cell Research & Therapy reveals pig buccal fat pads contain stem cells with mesenchymal features that can osteodifferentiate