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RNA binding proteins_Genome Biology

Jernej Ule on the ‘omics’ of RNA binding proteins

Jernej Ule shares the story of how he became interested in the RBPome and the scientific journey that it has taken him on

RNA structures_Fukunaga et al,Genome Biology,2014,15,R6

Shape over sequence in the RBPome

Researchers present a novel algorithm to calculate RNA secondary structures, which are key to mediating interactions with RNA Binding Proteins

Nucleotide frequency of evolutionary selected sites_Pinto et al,Genome Biology,2013,15,1

RNA editing: why bother?

A new study in Genome Biology’s RBPome issue reveals a surprisingly small number of RNA editing sites are conserved between human and mouse

lncRNA protein coding RNA correlation_van Heesch et al,Genome Biology,2013,15,1,r6

lncRNAs on the loose

The functions of lncRNAs have remained unclear; research in Genome Biology now reveals a large number are associated with ribosomes