Child running_Flickr_Eric Soderstrom

Child’s play: Reducing childhood risk factors for cardiovascular disease

How much physical activity should young children engage in to decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease?

PNT assembly model, Audette et al, Journal of Nanobiotechnology,2013,11,24

The power of pilins as protein nanotubes

The inherent biocompatilibity of proteins has led nanotechnologists to study the assembly of bacterial pili protein nanotubes

Brain white matter MRI tractography, Gigandet et al, PLoS ONE,3,12,e4006

Unraveling the autistic mind through structural analyses of neural connections

Autism has been linked to abnormal connectivity patterns in the brain, particularly in the under-connectivity of the long distance tracts

Zebrafish stripes, Lim et al, Genome Biology 2013,14,R69

What makes for a powerful enhancer sequence?

A screen of all possible 6-base pair zebrafish enhancer sequences is a useful starting point for genome engineers

Australian dingo_Flickr_Kim, TheGirlsNY

Preying on predators: trophic cascade unharmed by dingo culling to protect livestock

Culling dingoes within conventional limits does not result in an increased presence of mesopredators, contradicting the mesopredator theory

Doctor viewing mammogram_Wikimedia_US National Cancer Institute

Does night work affect the risk of breast cancer?

Researchers find significant associations between several polymorphisms in circadian genes, night work, and breast cancer

Gene expression of histone modifying enzymes_LeRoy et al_Epigenetics & Chromatin, 2013,6, 20_crop

Cancer mapped: An atlas of histone modifications across cancer cell lines

An ‘atlas’ of histone post-translational modifications in cancer cell lines provides insight into chromatin modification in different cancers

Hepatocellular carcinoma cells_Ding et al_Journal of Translational Medicine, 2013,11,164

Moulding metastasis: How the tumour microenvironment influences EMT and MET

The tumour microenvironment is one of the most important inducers of EMT and MET, with different components inducing different effects

House mouse. Image source: Flickr, Richard Adams.

Size matters: reproductive success in male mice is linked to baculum width

The baculum or penis bone comes in many shapes – this diversity may relate to the ‘evolutionary arms race’ of sexual selection

Scanning electron micrograph of a red blood cell infect with malaria parasites (in cyan). Image source: Flickr, NIH NIAID

Malaria metabolomics and the missing mitochondrial enzyme

Malcolm McConville and colleagues provide a timely reassessment of carbon metabolism of the malarial parasite Plasmodium falciparum