Samba virus_Campos et al,Virology Journal,2014,11,95

Amazonian giants: discovery of the novel giant mimivirus Samba

Researchers discover a novel giant mimivirus in the Amazonian rainforest named Samba, providing evolutionary insights through phylogenetic analysis

Gap cell junction_Wikimedia_snek06

Translation from the heart of connexin-43

Insights into how connexin-43 is internally translated revealed in Cell Communication & Signaling

Colitis, collagenous_Flickr_Ed Uthman

How PP4 plays a part in protective gut immunity

Protein phosphatase 4 is needed for proper T cell development. Research now suggests a key role in protective gut immunity via it’s effects on T cells

Mycoplasma edited_Flickr_AJCann

A 1000 human genomes…and some mycoplasma too

Research in BioData Mining reveals how seven percent of the sequence data in the 1000 Genomes Project may be contaminated with mycoplasma

Chromatin interactions at HOXA cluster_Genome Biology,Rousseau et al,2014,15,4,R60

The twisted leukemia genome: a third dimension to cancer genomics

Research in Genome Biology reveals how chromatin conformation data can be used to classify types of leukaemia

RNA transcription (edited w animals)_Wikipedia_Kelvinsong

sno-lncRNAs: a story of splicing across humans, rhesus and mice

Species-specific alternative splicing leads to the unique expression of sno-lncRNAs, as demonstrated by a study in BMC Genomics

microRNA formation (text free)_Wikipedia_Kelvinsong

Getting to the center of microRNA-mRNA binding

A Genome Biology study explores microRNA repression of mRNA, finding it can be mediated by imperfect centered miRNA binding sites

Neuronal regeneration_Zhang et al,Molecular Brain,2014,7,14

Combining pharmacological and physical therapy in spinal injury recovery

Research in Molecular Brain reveals the impact of a combinatorial approach to neuronal regeneration, utilising inhibitory drugs and physical therapy

Plasmodiuim vivax in peripheral blood_Flickr_euthman

More sensitive screening for malarial parasite Plasmodium vivax

Malarial parasite Plasmodium vivax is hard to detect with current blood tests. Research reveals a new antibody based technique for improved detection

Dentate gyrus neural growth_Zhang et al,Molecular Brain,2014,7,11

Clues to how deep brain stimulation may alleviate depression

Research in Molecular Brain reveals how deep brain stimulation may alleviate depression through promoting neural growth and activity