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Genome-wide effects of palm oil on the pancreas: implications for diabetes?

Free fatty acids are often elevated in diabetes; researchers now probe the genome-wide effects of palmitic acid on human islet cells

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Hand on heart: microRNA regulation of Hand1 for cardiomyocyte differentiation

Stem Research & Therapy study uncovers how microRNA regulates specialised differentiation of cardiac cells through the transcription factor Hand1

Onion bulbs cut open to reveal damage caused by Pantoea ananatis bacterial blight. Image source: Howard F Schwartz, Colorado State University, USA (

Why the Pantoea pathogen persists in a multitude of environments

Pan-genome analysis of the enterobacteria Pantoea ananatis reveals why it survives in a multitude of environments & infects diverse species

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Does the battle of the sexes start in the oviduct?

Researchers probe whether sex allocation in mammals can be biased in the oviduct through different reactions to X or Y spermatazoa

Samba virus_Campos et al,Virology Journal,2014,11,95

Amazonian giants: discovery of the novel giant mimivirus Samba

Researchers discover a novel giant mimivirus in the Amazonian rainforest named Samba, providing evolutionary insights through phylogenetic analysis

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Translation from the heart of connexin-43

Insights into how connexin-43 is internally translated revealed in Cell Communication & Signaling

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How PP4 plays a part in protective gut immunity

Protein phosphatase 4 is needed for proper T cell development. Research now suggests a key role in protective gut immunity via it’s effects on T cells

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A 1000 human genomes…and some mycoplasma too

Research in BioData Mining reveals how seven percent of the sequence data in the 1000 Genomes Project may be contaminated with mycoplasma

Chromatin interactions at HOXA cluster_Genome Biology,Rousseau et al,2014,15,4,R60

The twisted leukemia genome: a third dimension to cancer genomics

Research in Genome Biology reveals how chromatin conformation data can be used to classify types of leukaemia

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sno-lncRNAs: a story of splicing across humans, rhesus and mice

Species-specific alternative splicing leads to the unique expression of sno-lncRNAs, as demonstrated by a study in BMC Genomics