Blood brain barrier_Wikimedia_Ben Brahim Mohammed

Breaching the blood-brain-barrier to improve Alzheimer’s drug treatments

Poor drug delivery across the blood-brain barrier may contribute to failed clinical trials in Alzheimer’s disease; could nanoparticle carriers help?

Response prediction strategy_Daemen et al,Genome Biology,2013,14,R110

A computational approach to personalise breast cancer treatment

Research reveals a computational way to calculate what biological data is needed to predict the response of breast cancer tumours to chemotherapy

UC-MSCs crop_Fink et al,Stem Cell Research & Therapy,2013,4,130

Tackling Huntington’s disease with stem cell therapy in mice

Researchers probe the potential of mesenchymal stem cells in treating a mouse model of Huntington’s disease

Breast cancer cell_Wikimedia_NIH National Cancer Institute

How does obesity affect adipose stem cells and breast cancer progression?

Adipose stem cells are recruited to sites of inflammation and play a role in breast cancer progression. How does obesity affect these cells?

Holstein calf_Flickr_PLR Photos

Unraveling the link between bleeding calf syndrome and BVDV vaccinations

Novel deep sequencing techniques probe the immune link between bovine neonatal pancytopenia and bovine virus diarrhoea virus vaccination

Open-Phylo logo_Open-Phylo website

Open-Phylo, Open Science and the multiple sequence alignment problem

Could citizen scientists help solve the problem of generating accurate multiple sequence alignments? Research in Genome Biology investigates

Human cochlea peripherin staining Locher et al, Neural Development,2013,8,20

Hearing in progress: charting human cochlear development from neurites to hair cells

Animal studies have provided insights into cochlear development but researchers now examine hair cell differentiation and innervation in humans

Blood glucose_Flickr_AlishaV

Is blood glucose a predictor of mortality in patients with STEMI and cardiogenic shock?

Elevated blood glucose is associated with higher mortality in non-diabetic patients with ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction

Sorghum,Jazan, Saudia Arabia_Wikimedia_MrJoker07

A sorghum solution to meeting renewable fuel targets

Sorghum crops have potential benefits over corn as alternative feedstocks for biofuel production; researchers now analyse its life cycle

Sympathetic neurons in mouse myenteric ganglion_Wikimedia_Swharden

Deciphering the molecular differences between neurons and neuroendocrine cells

Sympathetic neurons and chromaffin cells have a common embryonic origin; researchers explore the molecular differences between these cell types