DNA methylation crop_Wikimedia_Christoph Bock_Max Planck Institute for Informatics

Methylation marks for tracking the advance of breast cancer

Research in Genome Biology finds methylation profiles mark breast cancer progression, with potential utility for prognosis

Lung adenomcarcinoma_Flickr_Yale Rosen

The ‘lnc’ between lung cancer and non-coding RNA

Research in Genome Biology uncovers a role for long non-coding RNA in regulating cell proliferation in lung cancer

Black truffles (Tuber melanosporum). Image source: Wikimedia, Michel Royon

How black truffles tackle transposable elements

With over half of their genome composed of transposable elements, black truffles make the most of methylation to tackle these jumping genes

Child after birth

How the effects of maternal stress on preterm birth echo through the generations

Research in BMC Medicine explores how maternal stress can influence preterm birth risk, pregnancy and behavioral outcomes across three generations

Vibrio cholera SEM (edit world map)_Wikimedia_Dartmouth University

Why is cholera the deadly disease that refuses to die?

Researchers find out what makes Vibrio cholera so successful at spreading itself across geographical space and historical time

24-105 L

Remodeling the predictive power of Alzheimer’s biomarkers for diagnosis

Researchers present a new, simpler model for assessing the disease implications of cerebrospinal biomarkers in Alzheimer’s disease

Palm oil crop_Flickr_OneVillageInitiative

Genome-wide effects of palm oil on the pancreas: implications for diabetes?

Free fatty acids are often elevated in diabetes; researchers now probe the genome-wide effects of palmitic acid on human islet cells

Cardiac muscle_Wikimedia_OpenStax College

Hand on heart: microRNA regulation of Hand1 for cardiomyocyte differentiation

Stem Research & Therapy study uncovers how microRNA regulates specialised differentiation of cardiac cells through the transcription factor Hand1

Onion bulbs cut open to reveal damage caused by Pantoea ananatis bacterial blight. Image source: Howard F Schwartz, Colorado State University, USA (Bugwood.org).

Why the Pantoea pathogen persists in a multitude of environments

Pan-genome analysis of the enterobacteria Pantoea ananatis reveals why it survives in a multitude of environments & infects diverse species

Sperm (edited colour, text)_Wikimeda_Database Center for Life Sciences

Does the battle of the sexes start in the oviduct?

Researchers probe whether sex allocation in mammals can be biased in the oviduct through different reactions to X or Y spermatazoa