Diverse group of Children Stretching

Healthy lifestyle programme reduces childhood obesity

Primary-school based interventions may be useful in combating increasing obesity rates

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Is therapeutic hypothermia beneficial after traumatic brain injury?

Therapeutic hypothermia may result in reduced rates of death and long-term disability, without increased risk of pneumonia, though more research is needed

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Dose-response effect of smoking in rheumatoid arthritis

The risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis rises with increased smoking, in a non-linear fashion

Sleepless woman

Sleep disturbance and suicidal behaviors in psychiatric illness

In patients with psychiatric diagnoses, sleep disturbances are associated with an increased risk of suicidal behaviour

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Open Reading Frame: rooting out water, copyrighting biodiversity & losing taste

Highlighting the best of the rest in the Open Access ecosystem

Brain section, glioblastoma multiforme_Wikimedia_The Armed Forces Institute of Pathology

John Laterra on targeting lipid metabolism in malignant brain tumours

Lipid metabolism is often increased in cancer cells; researchers probe the potential of targeting fatty acid synthesis in glioblastoma

Cardiac muscle_Wikimedia_OpenStax College

Hand on heart: microRNA regulation of Hand1 for cardiomyocyte differentiation

Stem Research & Therapy study uncovers how microRNA regulates specialised differentiation of cardiac cells through the transcription factor Hand1

Mitochondria (edited)_Flickr_BiologyFalshcards

Robert Vassar and Lokesh Kukreja on mitochondrial mutants in Alzheimer’s

Mitochondrial dysfunction has been implicated Alzheimer’s disease; researchers now probe its effects on amyloid plaques and brain atrophy

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Open Reading Frame: centenarian health, hormones in autism & stem cell donors

Highlighting the best of the rest in the Open Access ecosystem

Transcription factors, eukaryotic (edited)_Wikimedia_Kelvinsong

Moshe Oren on taking transcriptomics to the next level with 4sUDRB-seq

Research in Genome Biology presents a novel method to measure transcription elongation rates genome-wide, 4sUDRB-seq