Turning arthropod neurogenesis on its head: clues from sea spiders

Research in EvoDevo questions the established phylogenetic divisions of arthropods based on novel findings in sea spider neural development

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Visualising the microbial world – even on an iPhone

GigaScience reveals a new tool from the Knight lab to improve visualisations of the ever larger datasets generated from microbial ecology research

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Breaching the blood-brain-barrier to improve Alzheimer’s drug treatments

Poor drug delivery across the blood-brain barrier may contribute to failed clinical trials in Alzheimer’s disease; could nanoparticle carriers help?

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Does preterm birth leave behind an epigenetic legacy?

Genome Medicine research examines epigenetic changes in survivors of preterm birth and whether there are a long lasting effects into adolescence

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A computational approach to personalise breast cancer treatment

Research reveals a computational way to calculate what biological data is needed to predict the response of breast cancer tumours to chemotherapy

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Tackling Huntington’s disease with stem cell therapy in mice

Researchers probe the potential of mesenchymal stem cells in treating a mouse model of Huntington’s disease

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How does obesity affect adipose stem cells and breast cancer progression?

Adipose stem cells are recruited to sites of inflammation and play a role in breast cancer progression. How does obesity affect these cells?


Are off label prescriptions of drugs for children causing adverse reactions?

Off label and unlicensed prescriptions in are common in paediatric practice; research in BMC Medicine investigates the link to adverse drug reactions

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Improving predictions of relapse risk in estrogen positive breast cancer

Researchers investigate whether markers for proliferation and estrogen receptor expression can predict chances of relapse in breast cancer

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American Public Health Association Scientific Award received by James Brophy and Andrew Watterson

Brophy, Watterson and colleagues win the American Public Health Association Scientific Award for their work into breast cancer risk