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Michael Speicher and Ellen Heitzer on tracking cancer with ‘liquid biopsies’

Research in Genome Medicine presents a novel ‘liquid biopsy’ for prostate cancer using whole genome sequencing of circulating tumour DNA

Samba virus_Campos et al,Virology Journal,2014,11,95

Amazonian giants: discovery of the novel giant mimivirus Samba

Researchers discover a novel giant mimivirus in the Amazonian rainforest named Samba, providing evolutionary insights through phylogenetic analysis

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Translation from the heart of connexin-43

Insights into how connexin-43 is internally translated revealed in Cell Communication & Signaling

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Open reading frame: big babies, binge drinking and 21st century vaccines

Highlighting the best of the rest in the Open Access ecosystem


Probing the aetiology of renal disease: Ming-hui Zhao & Jing Huang on FSGS

Research in BMC Medicine probes the controversy around the cause of the glomerular disease FSGS and its potential causative agent, suPAR.

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Open Reading Frame: longevity genes, heavy metal plants & genetic bottlenecks in birds

Highlighting the best of the rest in the Open Access ecosystem

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How PP4 plays a part in protective gut immunity

Protein phosphatase 4 is needed for proper T cell development. Research now suggests a key role in protective gut immunity via it’s effects on T cells

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Rodolphe Thiebaut and Laura Richert on how to accelerate HIV vaccine development

New methodology presented in Trials demonstrates how early stage clinical development of HIV vaccines can be accelerated with an adaptive approach

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A 1000 human genomes…and some mycoplasma too

Research in BioData Mining reveals how seven percent of the sequence data in the 1000 Genomes Project may be contaminated with mycoplasma

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Juliana Chan on unravelling the link between diabetes and cancer risk

Research in BMC Medicine looks at the link between diabetes and cancer risk, probing the additive effects of glycaemic control and inhibitory drugs