FMTB blood drive

Kathryn Maitland on treating severe anaemia in sub-Saharan Africa

BMC Medicine study reveals how changes to current blood transfusion guidelines for severe anaemia in resource limited settings may improve outcomes

Thromboembolism organised ORF_Flickr_Yale Rosen.jpg

Open Reading Frame: stillbirth, thrombosis risk & the benefits of salt reduction

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RNA transcription (edited w animals)_Wikipedia_Kelvinsong

sno-lncRNAs: a story of splicing across humans, rhesus and mice

Species-specific alternative splicing leads to the unique expression of sno-lncRNAs, as demonstrated by a study in BMC Genomics

beta amyloid plaques in mouse hippocampus_Blurton-Jones et al,Stem Cell Research & Therapy,2014,5,46

Mathew Blurton-Jones on neural stem cells for treating Alzheimer’s

Researchers reveal how neural stem cells expressing an enzyme capable of degrading beta-amyloid may aid future therapies for Alzheimer’s disease

House sparrows, male_Flickr_Kip Lee

Gabriele Sorci on unexpected mate choices in an isolated bird population

Research in BMC Evolutionary Biology reveals how, in an isolated population of house sparrows, females prefer genetically similar males as mates

Diabetic proliferative retinopathy ORF_Wikimedia_NIH National Eye Institute.JPG

Open Reading Frame: eating disorders, retasking drugs & fractures in Parkinson’s

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Breast cancer, invasive micropapillary_Flickr_Ed Uthman

Ross Prentice on hormone therapies and breast cancer risk postmenopause

Research in Breast Cancer Research investigates the effects of different hormone therapies on breast cancer risks in postmenopausal women

T lymphocytes (edited multiple)_Wikimedia_BruceBlaus

Lanjuan Li on the immune impact of H7N9 bird flu infection in humans

Research in Critical Care provides insights on the immunological changes that occur during human infection with H7N9

Switchgrass Panicum virgatum ORF_Flickr_Matt Lavin

Open Reading Frame: jumping genes, better biofuels and acid signalling

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microRNA formation (text free)_Wikipedia_Kelvinsong

Getting to the center of microRNA-mRNA binding

A Genome Biology study explores microRNA repression of mRNA, finding it can be mediated by imperfect centered miRNA binding sites