Amazon rainforest ORF_Flickr_CIAT

Open Reading Frame: conservation biology, mutation signatures & risky behaviour

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Nucleosome_RSCB PDB

A histone take on mapping the cancer epigenome

Researchers map post translational histone modifications across cancer cell lines, providing a novel resource to probe the molecular drivers of cancer

Skylark_Flickr_Stefan Berndtsson

The unheard message of larksong

Listen to the extraordinary song of the skylark and find out how researchers developed a new metric to probe this vocal demonstration of male fitness

DNA methylation crop_Wikimedia_Christoph Bock_Max Planck Institute for Informatics

Methylation marks for tracking the advance of breast cancer

Research in Genome Biology finds methylation profiles mark breast cancer progression, with potential utility for prognosis

Activin B signalling ORF_Guo et aleLife 20143e03245

Open Reading Frame: targeting obesity, pediatric UTIs & chemotherapy responses

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Of blocks and LOCKs: hypomethylation as a universal feature in solid cancer tumours

Research in Genome Medicine uncovers blocks of hypomethylated DNA as a universal feature of cancer genomes of solid tumours

Prostate cancer (edit colour)_Wikimedia_NIH National Cancer Insitute_Otis Brawley

Transciptome pointers to prostate cancer heterogeneity

Research in Genome Biology probes the effects on cancer heterogeneity on the transcriptome of high-risk primary prostate cancer, identifying novel opportunities for precision medicine

Duck ORF_Wikimedia_Mallard2

Open Reading Frame: cancer metabolism, bird flu diversity & antibiotic resistance

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Glucose sensor, continuous_Flickr_Alden Chadwick

Subcutaneous continuous glucose monitoring for critically ill patients

Subcutaneous continuous glucose monitoring reduces nursing workload when guiding insulin treatment in critically ill patients

Patient on respirator

Specialised post-anaesthetic care units for fast-track management in cardiac surgery

Cardiac surgery patients cared for in a post-anaesthetic care unit have a shorter length of stay compared to those cared for in ICU