Sea cucumber_Flickr_Ed Bierman

José García-Arrarás and Vladimir Mashanov on echinoderm clues to neural regeneration

Transcriptomic insights into central nervous system regeneration uncovered from studying the highly regenerative sea cucumber

Brain section, glioblastoma multiforme_Wikimedia_The Armed Forces Institute of Pathology

John Laterra on targeting lipid metabolism in malignant brain tumours

Lipid metabolism is often increased in cancer cells; researchers probe the potential of targeting fatty acid synthesis in glioblastoma

Mitochondria (edited)_Flickr_BiologyFalshcards

Robert Vassar and Lokesh Kukreja on mitochondrial mutants in Alzheimer’s

Mitochondrial dysfunction has been implicated Alzheimer’s disease; researchers now probe its effects on amyloid plaques and brain atrophy

Transcription factors, eukaryotic (edited)_Wikimedia_Kelvinsong

Moshe Oren on taking transcriptomics to the next level with 4sUDRB-seq

Research in Genome Biology presents a novel method to measure transcription elongation rates genome-wide, 4sUDRB-seq

Blood sample_Wikimedia_US Marine Corps

Michael Speicher and Ellen Heitzer on tracking cancer with ‘liquid biopsies’

Research in Genome Medicine presents a novel ‘liquid biopsy’ for prostate cancer using whole genome sequencing of circulating tumour DNA


Probing the aetiology of renal disease: Ming-hui Zhao & Jing Huang on FSGS

Research in BMC Medicine probes the controversy around the cause of the glomerular disease FSGS and its potential causative agent, suPAR.

Vaccine development for slider (edited,plus arrow)_Flickr_NIH NIAID

Rodolphe Thiebaut and Laura Richert on how to accelerate HIV vaccine development

New methodology presented in Trials demonstrates how early stage clinical development of HIV vaccines can be accelerated with an adaptive approach

Diabetic items

Juliana Chan on unravelling the link between diabetes and cancer risk

Research in BMC Medicine looks at the link between diabetes and cancer risk, probing the additive effects of glycaemic control and inhibitory drugs

Human sDMRS, genome wide_Wilson et al, Genome Medicine, 2014,6,19

Epigenomic clues to human inflammatory disease from comparative primate analyses

Q&A with Genome Medicine author on how comparative epigenomics across primates can provide insights to human inflammatory disease

FMTB blood drive

Kathryn Maitland on treating severe anaemia in sub-Saharan Africa

BMC Medicine study reveals how changes to current blood transfusion guidelines for severe anaemia in resource limited settings may improve outcomes