Critcal care patient_Wikimedia_Calleamanecer

Gerald Chanques on how to assess pain in critically ill patients

Research in Critical Care compares current tools for assessing pain in non-communicative patients in intensive care; which is most reliable?

Eye, child_Flickr_ Emilio del Prado

It’s all in the eyes: Heather Nuske on tracking emotional processing in autism

Eye-tracking pupillometry reveals that children with autism process emotion more effectively from familiar faces than unfamiliar

SASA Study logo (edit Africa map)_Raising Voices

Charlotte Watts and Lori Michau on preventing intimate partner violence

Worldwide, intimate partner violence affects 30 percent of women in their lifetime. Researchers now trial a community based intervention in sub-Saharan Africa

Sandfly, Lutzomyia longipalpis_VectorBase_Rod Dillon

Rod Dillon and Mauricio Sant’Anna on Leishmania and sand fly gut microbiota

Probing gut microbiota of the sand fly reveals how certain yeast and bacteria can prevent the establishment of Leishmania in this disease vector

Young Girl Sleeping In Intensive Care Unit

Mark Hall and Jennifer Muszynski on investigating septic shock in children

Research in critical care reveals how the adaptive immune system may have a key role to play in clinical outcomes for children with septic shock

Breast cancer word cloud_Wordle

Martin Widschwendter on epigenetic predictions for non-hereditary breast cancer

A Genome Medicine study shows how epigenetic insights from BRCA1 mutation carriers may help in predicting breast cancer in the general population

Brain (edited blue w text)_Flickr_DJ

Jeffrey Cummings on problems with the Alzheimer’s drug development pipeline

Research uncovers the extent of failure for drug development in Alzheimer’s disease, and the need to increase the number of new candidate drugs

Shigella crop_Flickr_AJCann

Mihai Pop on changing gut microbiota in childhood diarrhoea

Research in Genome Biology uncovers novel correlations between microbial diversity and diarrhoea in young children of low income countries

HeLa cells (edit barcode)_NIH Image Library

Barcoding lines: Matthew Porteus on how clonal cell lines really are

Research in Genome Biology presents a novel method for tracking the clonal dynamics of some of the most commonly used cell lines

Heartbeat monitor (edit red)_iStock Photo

Greg Gibson on predicting cardiovascular death through telling transcripts

Gene expression profiles found associated with risk of heart attack and cardiovascular death, in a Genome Medicine study