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Bringing Ebola under control: how modelling transmission can help

Modeling the transmission dynamics of Ebola: why is this important and what’s needed to develop a robust model?

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Finding function in fragments: tRNA derived RNA fragments and Ago proteins

New insights into the conservation and function of one of the newest classes of non-coding RNAs, tRNA derived RNA fragments, in BMC Biology

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The genetics of human population history: men versus women

Y chromosome and mitochondrial DNA tell the story of human population history but sequencing methods can impart bias. New research finds a solution

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Opt-in or opt-out: informing the organ donation debate

Research in BMC Medicine takes a global look at the effects of opt-in and opt-out organ donation systems on organ transplant rates

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Looking to the methylome for biomarkers for childhood kidney cancer

Researchers identify a novel epigenetic biomarker for the paediatric kidney cancer Wilms tumour, with utility for use in liquid biopsies

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How much sugar is too much when it comes to tooth decay?

Reanalysing past data on the relationship between sugar and tooth decay suggests new public health goals should be considered to reduce the incidence of dental caries

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A histone take on mapping the cancer epigenome

Researchers map post translational histone modifications across cancer cell lines, providing a novel resource to probe the molecular drivers of cancer


Of blocks and LOCKs: hypomethylation as a universal feature in solid cancer tumours

Research in Genome Medicine uncovers blocks of hypomethylated DNA as a universal feature of cancer genomes of solid tumours

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Transciptome pointers to prostate cancer heterogeneity

Research in Genome Biology probes the effects on cancer heterogeneity on the transcriptome of high-risk primary prostate cancer, identifying novel opportunities for precision medicine

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Gerald Chanques on how to assess pain in critically ill patients

Research in Critical Care compares current tools for assessing pain in non-communicative patients in intensive care; which is most reliable?