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Marlene Belfort on mobile DNA from prokaryotes to eukaryotes

Marlene Belfort shares her thoughts on mobile genetic elements; from the balance between eukaryotic and prokaryotic studies to their role in stress

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George Chrousos on stress: responses, consequences and coping

Leading endocrinologist George Chrousos discusses the widespread effects and long-term consequences of stress on the body

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Jef Boeke on the lure of retrotransposons and the search for functions

Jef Boeke on mobile genetic elements; current open questions, future directions, and his interest in retrotransposons

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Mobile DNA: where is it now and where is it going?

A panel of leading researchers share their thoughts on the most exciting advances in mobile DNA research and the future of the field

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Steven Rozen on pinning down mutagenic signatures genome-wide

Steven Rosen discusses the latest advances and challenges in the genome-wide detection of mutagenic signatures resulting from carcinogen exposure

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DREAMing up solutions in systems biology

Organisers and participants of the DREAM project discuss this community approach to systems biology and some of the solutions generated

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Alexander Ziegler on digital data for morphological studies

Research in GigaScience highlights how the digital data revolution is changing the field of morphology, exemplified by microCT of the earthworm

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Mapping mosquitoes: Jeffrey Powell on genomic insights to the yellow fever vector

Jeffrey Powell comments on the latest insights from a BMC Biology study on mapping the genome of the yellow fever vector Aedes aegypti

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Could a witch’s curse lead to better crop breeding and management?

Strigolactones, a signalling compound isolated from the roots of plants vulnerable to ‘witchweed’, could be exploited to improve breeding of crops

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George Sledge on insights from normal tissue banks for advances in breast cancer research

George Sledge on the need for research into normal breast tissue, in light of a recent a Breast Cancer Research study using the Komen tissue bank