Mosquito,Aedes aegypti_Flickr_US Department of Agriculture

Mapping mosquitoes: Jeffrey Powell on genomic insights to the yellow fever vector

Jeffrey Powell comments on the latest insights from a BMC Biology study on mapping the genome of the yellow fever vector Aedes aegypti

Striga bilaiata crop_Wikimedia_Marco Schmidt

Could a witch’s curse lead to better crop breeding and management?

Strigolactones, a signalling compound isolated from the roots of plants vulnerable to ‘witchweed’, could be exploited to improve breeding of crops

Breast carcinoma, mucosinal (edited w ribbon)_Flickr_Ed Uthman

George Sledge on insights from normal tissue banks for advances in breast cancer research

George Sledge on the need for research into normal breast tissue, in light of a recent a Breast Cancer Research study using the Komen tissue bank

Medical survey India_Flickr_Varadaam Charitable Association

Doctors vs computers: Prabhat Jha and Alan Lopez debate the best approach for verbal autopsy

Prabhat Jha and Alan Lopez debate the controversy around physician-certified versus computer-coded verbal autopsies in resource limited settings

Breast cancer cell red_Wikimedia_NIH National Cancer Institute

Elaine Mardis on cancer genomics: from technological advances to clinical barriers

Elaine Mardis discusses promising avenues in next-generation sequencing for cancer care, and challenges in the clinical translation of these advances

RNA Polymerase (edited w text)_RSCB PDB_1I6H_composite

Itai Yanai on new methods for in situ single-cell transcriptomics

Itai Yanai discusses the latest single-cell transcriptomic techniques and what exciting avenues of research can now be explored

Cochrane Collaboration 20th Anniversary logo

The Cochrane Collaboration 20 years on

We mark 20 years of the Cochrane Collaboration by talking to Mike Clarke, David Moher and Jackie Chandler-Oatts on it’s successes and future plans

Canine Genetics and Epidemiology logo

From canine genetics to human disease: a Q&A with Cathryn Mellersh and David Sargan

With the launch of Canine Genetics and Epidemiology, David Sargan and Catherine Mellersh discuss the wider impact of this field

Handshake (edited w cross)_crop_Flickr_Aidan Jones

Leroy Hood on participatory medicine: future benefits and challenges ahead

Leroy Hood discusses the advantages of participatory medicine and how he sees it shaping the future of modern healthcare

Participatory medicine logo_Genome Medicine

Participatory medicine: a paradigm shift in healthcare

Leroy Hood, Michael Snyder & Kim Norris discuss the forces driving participatory medicine, as part of a Genome Medicine special series