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Podcast transcript: tau-based therapeutics

To accompany the Alzheimer’s Research & Therapy special series on tau-based therapeutics, we find out why tau is a promising target and what’s going on in the field right now

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Discovering a new superfamily of DNA transposons: Cas gets in on the action

Research in BMC Biology identifies another function of Cas enzymes (of CRISPR-Cas fame) – the instigators of mobility in a new class of transposons

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The story behind HER2-positive breast cancer

Sunil Verma on the advent of targeted treatments for HER2-positive breast cancer and where new therapies are heading

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Tackling acute childhood malnutrition needs more than nutritional rehab

At least 70 million children worldwide are acutely malnourished, here BMC Medicine authors discuss the challenges of treatment.

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The rise of machine learning: how to avoid the pitfalls in data analysis

Editor-in-Chief of BioMedical Engineering OnLine, Kenneth Foster, highlight what pitfalls researchers should look out for when using a machine learning approach for data analysis

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Robert Eckel considers the impact of diabetes on polytrauma

Research in BMC Medicine probes how diabetes affects clinical outcomes in patients recovering from multiple system injuries

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Podcast transcript: Mediterranean diet

Researchers in diet and health explore what about the Mediterranean diet confers its health benefits and how to reap its advantages, following a BMC Medicine Forum article

Mediterranean diet_Flickr_MealMakeoverMoms

A Mediterranean diet – the key to healthy living?

What about the Mediterranean diet confers its health benefits and how can we reap its advantages? Authors of a BMC Medicine Forum article answer

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Jeffrey Boore on neoENCODE: a way to understand genome regulation in nature?

Jeffrey Boore explains what can be gained from an ENCODE-like approach to probing the genomes of non-model organisms

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Michael Owen on psychiatric genomics: from research insights to diagnosis

How will genomic insights into the overlap between psychiatric disorders affect diagnosis and future research?