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Open Reading Frame: tropical diversity, petunia petals and brain imaging

Highlighting the best of the rest in the Open Access ecosystem

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The music of the genes: Mark Jobling on the mysteries of musical talent

One of the most famous musical dynasties is that of the Bachs, with seven generations of noted musicians. Is such musical prowess wired in our genes?

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Research Awards: from last year’s winners to this year’s nominations

BioMed Central recognizes the best research published across its Open Access journals in its annual Research Awards

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Marcel Hommel

Marcel Hommel, Editor-in-Chief of Malaria Journal, discusses the barriers to eliminating malaria

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The truth is out there: Mark Jobling on discovering new species

The Omani owl, the Annamite striped rabbit, and the Khasian leaf-nosed bat. What unites these critters? They were all discovered in the last few years

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Tree-building: Maria Anisimova on pitfalls and solutions in phylogenetic analysis

Maria Anisimova discusses the growing multidiscipline importance of phylogenetic sequence analysis; methods, pitfalls and data sharing

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Queens, fighters and workers: Jürgen Heinze on insect social networks

Editor-in-Chief of Frontiers in Zoology, Jürgen Heinze, discusses the complex social behaviours that underpin eusocial insect communities

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Sanjeev Krishna

Sanjeev Krishna, Section Editor for BMC Infectious Diseases, discusses antimalarial resistance and the future global burden of infectious diseases

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Sally Hopewell discusses improving the transparent reporting of clinical research

Sally Hopewell examines the problems associated with inadequate reporting of medical research and what can be done to improve the situation

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Measuring up in medicine: Chris McManus and Katherine Woolf analyse the impact of selection methods in medical education

Chris McManus and Katherine Woolf discuss the value of cohort studies in assessing the outcomes of selection criteria on medical career performance