Xiao-Nong Zhou w journal logo

Xiao-Nong Zhou on parasitic diseases

Editor-in-Chief of Infectious Diseases of Poverty, Xiao-Nong Zhou, discusses how parasitic disease research has changed over the last thirty years

Phylogentic tree of life (edited w copyright stamp)_Wikimedia

Donat Agosti on big data, copyright and attribution in taxonomy

Donat Agosti, President of Plazi, on how to clear up the confusion over attribution and copyright in names-based infrastructures for taxonomy

Ravinder Maini w journal logo

Ravinder Maini on rheumatic disease

Editor-in-Chief of Arthritis Research & Therapy Ravinder Maini discusses the future of rheumatic disease treatment

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Christophe Pouzat and Thomas Wachtler on reproducible research in neuroscience

Christophe Pouzat and Thomas Wachtler discuss reproducibility in neuroscience research, following the release of a repository of electrophysiological data

Yun Bo Shi w journal logo

Yun-Bo Shi on bioscience in China

The Editor-in-Chief of Cell & Bioscience, Yun-Bo Shi, discusses the journal’s beginnings and the Society of Chinese Bioscientists in America

Global action against dementia ADI

G8 dementia summit: Alzheimer’s Disease International’s Marc Wortmann on the outcomes

Marc Wortmann, Executive Director of Alzheimer’s Disease International shares his thoughts on the outcomes of the first G8 summit on dementia

Global action against dementia AlzR&T

Global dementia researchers tell us what they made of the G8 dementia summit

A global panel of experts in dementia research share their views on the first G8 dementia summit

AlzR&T Editors

Brain Awareness Week: Doug Galasko, Todd Golde and Philip Scheltens on advances in Alzheimer’s research

Editors-in-Chief of Alzheimer’s Research & Therapy discuss the latest advances Alzheimer’s research

Joseph Piven w journal logo

Brain Awareness Week: Joseph Piven on the latest developments in autism research

We asked Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Neurodevelopmental Disorders for his thoughts on the most important recent advances in autism research

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Douglas Grindlay, Rachel Dean and Marnie Brennan on reporting guidelines in vet research

A survey of veterinary Editors-in-Chief reveals insights into the awareness, knowledge and views of reporting guidelines for veterinary research