Training for peer review: why we need it and how to get there

Why do we need training for peer reviewers, and what is required to make this happen? David Moher explores these questions following a BMC Medicine Opinion

Flemming Cassee w journal logo_Biome

Flemming Cassee on nanotoxicology

Editor-in-Chief of Particle and Fibre Toxicology Flemming Cassee on nanoparticle toxicology, from making safer nanotubes to health policy

Computational simulations of the coevolution (crop)_Kyle Harrington_BMC Ecology,2014,14,24

Capturing ecology through images

The complexity of ecological interactions are visually explored through the winning entries of the BMC Ecology Image Competition, with selected highlights here.

Microphysiological device (edit colour effect)_Kelly et al,Stem Cell Research & Therapy,2013,4,Suppl 1,S17

3D model systems go mainstream for drug testing: Rocky Tuan explains

Co-Editor-in-Chief of Stem Cell Research & Therapy Rocky Tuan discusses how 3D microphysiological systems are the way forward for drug development

Microbiome EiCs featured image 2

Jacques Ravel and Eric Wommack on the microbiome

Editors-in-Chief of Microbiome, Jacques Ravel and Eric Wommack, discuss the evolving microbiome field, big data and the importance of collaboration

Reproductive Health logo w background

José Belizán on reproductive health

Editor-in-Chief of Reproductive Health, José Belizán explores the issues of preterm birth and reproductive health interventions

Carole Goble, open software_Biome

Carole Goble on dealing with open software in science

Carole Goble discusses how open software is dealt with in research publications, and who’s responsible for ensuring software is sound

Brain image (edited turquoise)_iStock Photo

Sean Hill on the Human Brain Project: computing challenges to research advances

Sean Hill explains the rationale behind the European Commissions Human Brain Project, highlighting the challenges ahead and insights to be gained from simulating the human brain

Carole Goble, reproducible research_Biome

Carole Goble on reproducible research: what it really means & how to reach it

Carole Goble explains what reproducible research really means and the reality of trying to achieve this across disciplines

Ethiopia crisis_Flickr_UKDFID

Research during humanitarian crises: challenges, impact & open data

What are the biggest challenges in conducting research in emergency settings? We ask attendees of the 2014 Médecins Sans Frontières Scientific Day