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Robotics for rehabilitation after neural injury

Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation, David Reinkensmeyer, discusses advances in neurorehabilitation

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Guojun Bu on challenges in Alzheimer’s disease research

co-Editor-in-Chief of Molecular Neurodegeneraton, Guojun Bu, discusses challenges in Alzheimer’s disease research and future advances

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A BrightFocus on Alzheimer’s disease

We hear from the BrightFocus Foundation on advances in Alzheimer’s research and future directions

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How to build a career in research: tips from senior biologists

A rundown of the top career tips from senior scientists in biology on how to make it as a researcher, in celebration of the Society of Biology’s annual Biology Week

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From snapdragons to immune responses

The Editor of BMC Biology on the biological wonders that sparked her interest in the field and what she sees as the most exciting areas today

Plant transport, steele (edit no text)_Wikimedia_Kelvinsong

On the path to probing plant homeostasis

Wolf Frommer reflects on what led to his interest in plant biology, and specifically the role of transporters in plant nutrition and homeostasis

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Getting hooked on plants

Jane Langdale and Virginia Walbot explain what led to their interest in plant development and how to make it as a biologist

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Considering communication in cancer

Editor-in-Chief of Cell Communication & Signaling, Stephan Feller, on his interest in cancer cell signaling and advice on a career in science

Hammerhead shark. Image source: Flickr, Ed Selby

The why’s and how’s of tracking sharks

Editor-in-Chief of Animal Biotelemetry on tracking hammerhead sharks in their natural environment – why and how

The protozoan Stichotricha secunda. Image source: Flickr, Picturepest

The lure of protozoa and modeling evolution

Evolutionary geneticist Laurence Hurst provides insights into his research career, from the lure of protozoa to modelling evolution