Carole Goble, open software_Biome

Carole Goble on dealing with open software in science

Carole Goble discusses how open software is dealt with in research publications, and who’s responsible for ensuring software is sound

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Sean Hill on the Human Brain Project: computing challenges to research advances

Sean Hill explains the rationale behind the European Commissions Human Brain Project, highlighting the challenges ahead and insights to be gained from simulating the human brain

Carole Goble, reproducible research_Biome

Carole Goble on reproducible research: what it really means & how to reach it

Carole Goble explains what reproducible research really means and the reality of trying to achieve this across disciplines

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Open reading frame: breast cancer markers, childhood asthma & antibiotics in obesity

Highlighting the best of the rest in the Open Access ecosystem

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Research during humanitarian crises: challenges, impact & open data

What are the biggest challenges in conducting research in emergency settings? We ask attendees of the 2014 Médecins Sans Frontières Scientific Day

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From Ebola to activism: Sarah Venis on research at Médecins Sans Frontières

Sarah Venis on the latest advances and challenges in humanitarian medical research debated at the 2014 Médecins Sans Frontières Scientific Day

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Arthur Arnold on tackling the sex imbalance in animal and cell research

Editor-in-Chief of Biology of Sex Differences, Arthur Arnold, comments on NIH plans for sex inclusion in animal research, and the importance of gender equity

Trish Greenhalgh and Neal Maskrey_blue grad

Trish Greenhalgh and Neal Maskrey on getting back to real evidence-based medicine

Trisha Greenhalgh and Neal Maskrey discuss the current problems with evidence-based medicine and what can be done to overcome them

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Open Reading Frame: Jurassic parasites, noncoding RNAs & smartphone microbes

Highlighting the best of the rest in the Open Access ecosystem

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A sperm’s tale: Mark Jobling on factoring in mutations in sperm donation

Elderly men may be able to father healthy children however when it comes to sperm donation age is a key limiting factor, as genetic studies reveal