Transfer FAQ

What is a manuscript transfer?

A manuscript transfer provides you with a convenient way of resubmitting your manuscript file and any reviewer comments to another journal within our publishing portfolio.

We are committed to helping you find the right home for your research and we will provide you with guidance and technical support through all stages of the transfer process.

What are the benefits of a transfer?

  • Choice - A transfer offer suggests alternative journals within the publishing group, to help you find an appropriate home for your research so that it reaches the right audience.
  • Save time - No reformatting necessary and files can be automatically transferred.
  • Unburden peer-reviewers - All previous reviews are transferred.
  • Faster publication - Transfer of reviews helps eliminate re-review, saving time between submission and publication.

What is the Transfer Desk?

The Transfer Desk is our new service set up to help authors who have not been successful in their original submission.

Author support

If you have been offered a transfer to another journal by an Editor, in their decision letter, the Transfer Desk will contact you to offer technical assistance and further advice on alternative journals, if needed.

We also act as a referral service and an Editor may suggest that you forward your submission to the Transfers Desk, or you can contact the Transfer Desk directly, to find out about alternative journals.

How can you help me find a journal?

A Transfer Desk Editorial Assistant will combine your preferences and any editor recommendations with our journal-matching technology to help find the best journal for your work within our portfolio.

Our assistants are always ready and available to answer any transfer-related queries and will provide you with technical assistance relating to your transfer. They are also happy to approach a journal Editor and seek a prompt response to a pre-submission enquiry, on your behalf.

If you choose to follow the steps to transfer your manuscript to a new journal, your input will be needed, both to agree to the transfer and to complete the submission to the new journal.

What if I do not want to transfer my manuscript at all?

Your manuscript will not be transferred without your input. After an editor rejects a manuscript and suggests that it may be suitable for a transfer, the editor will send out their decision letter including details of transfer options.

If you choose to decline a transfer at this point, you can follow a link within the decision letter to do so and your file will be closed. Likewise, if you don’t take any action regarding the offer, your file will remain closed.

Withdrawing a transfer

You can withdraw a transfer at any point during the process, by contacting the Transfer Desk. You are under no obligation to submit your manuscript to the journals suggested by the Editor or Transfer Desk Assistant.

Any questions?

Please contact the Transfer Desk at BioMed Central at

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