Author survey results

BioMed Central believes in offering authors the best possible publishing experience and therefore is constantly aiming to enhance the services on offer, by responding to authors' feedback on:

How do authors rate their experience of publishing with us?*

Every author who publishes an article in a BioMed Central journal is asked to rate aspects of their experience on a scale of ‘very good’ to ‘very poor’.


  • 89% of authors rated the quality of the overall process [of publication in a journal published by BioMed Central] as very good or good
  • 86% of authors say they would publish in the journal again
  • 89% of authors would recommend the journal they published in to a colleague
  • 93% of authors rated the final appearance of their article as good or very good (over all time)**

Submitting a manuscript:

  • 90% of authors rated the helpfulness of editorial staff as good or very good
  • 91% of authors found the speed of the online manuscript submission system good or very good
  • 90% of authors found the ease of use of the online manuscript submission system good or very good
  • 95% of authors rated the helpfulness/clarity of instructions for authors as very good or good (over all time)**

Why do our authors choose to submit to BioMed Central journals?**

Every author who submits a manuscript to a BioMed Central journal is asked for the three most important reasons why they chose the journal over the hundreds of others that are available.

The top three reasons for submitting a manuscript to a BioMed Central journal were:

Journal scope:

The scope of the journal was highlighted by 47% of our survey respondents.
Authors come to BioMed Central to:

  • Choose from more than 260 journals ranging across all of biology and medicine.
  • Publish a variety of article types: All of BioMed Central's journals publish research articles. Individual journals publish a wide variety of article types including methodology/technical advance and debate. Full details are given in the ‘Instructions for Authors’ for each journal.

Journal reputation:

27% of respondents said that the reputation of the journal was the reason that persuaded them to submit.
BioMed Central understands that the reputation of the journals is key to their success, believing that the following factors are reflective of this:

  • Highly respected Editor(s)-in-Chief: Supported by expert Editorial Boards allowing for thorough peer review.
  • Over 140 journals with Impact Factors: Many of the journals rank highly within their fields highlighting the quality of the articles published.

Good prior experience:

18% of our survey respondents told us that their previous positive publishing experience with BioMed Central made them submit.
BioMed Central recognizes that a good publishing experience is important to authors and is a key motivator in influencing their decision on where to publish future research. Many factors contribute to a good publishing experience, including:

  • Easy submission: BioMed Central's electronic submission and peer review system, makes publishing simple and efficient.
  • Thorough and timely peer review: BioMed Central aims for an initial editorial decision in 6–8 weeks.
  • Publication time: Immediate or very fast publication on acceptance by all BioMed Central journals, allows research to be disseminated quickly.

To find out more about submitting a manuscript to a BioMed Central journal read the Instructions for Authors or submit online.
To read comments from previous authors please see the author profiles and author comments. To send us your comments, email

* Based on on 49,100 respondents from January 2010 to March 2014. 28% response rate of authors surveyed.
** Based on 39,300 respondents from May 2005 to March 2014. 11% response rate of authors surveyed.

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