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The Author Academy is a joint program by BioMed Central and Edanz aimed at equipping researchers for publication success. The materials have been developed from the training workshops Edanz gives to researchers worldwide. Through its workshops Edanz seeks to instill in authors a positive attitude towards peer review, awareness of publication ethics, and an understanding of the importance of language quality and professionalism. This enables authors to have a positive manuscript writing and submission experience and to become active participants in the global scientific community.

BioMed Central recommends Edanz for authors who want to have their manuscript edited by a native speaker of English who is a scientific expert. Edanz provides scientific editing and related services that raise the quality of manuscripts to the standard needed to be understood at peer review. The only international editing service to be localized in China and Japan, Edanz understands the challenges faced by scientists worldwide whose first language is not English in achieving publication success.

For more information on BioMed Central's partnership with Edanz, please see the FAQ on language editing services.

About the Authors

Dr Warren Raye

Dr Warren Raye 2005 PhD Molecular Virology
Murdoch University, Australia

Thesis: An investigation into the status of porcine circovirus in Australia Warren Raye graduated from Murdoch University in 2005 with a PhD in molecular virology. He is an experienced researcher, lecturer, teacher, writer and editor. Dr Raye has strong scientific and technical qualifications with over nine years' experience in the education and research sectors and current active memberships of the International Society of Stem Cell Research, and Australian Neuroscience Society Inc.

Dr Raye was previously a Research Fellow and Lecturer at Monash University in the fast-changing field of stem cell biology. His work there involved creating embryonic stem cell lines with various reporter systems for use in small molecule drug screening assays. Dr Raye began working as an editor with Edanz Group in early 2009, before moving to its Fukuoka, Japan office in November 2010 to serve as Senior Life Sciences Editor.

Daniel McGowan

Daniel McGowan 2002 PhD Anatomy
University of Auckland, New Zealand

Thesis title: Amyloid in Huntington disease: Identification, purification and partial characterisation of protein constituents.

Daniel McGowan completed an MSc in Biological Sciences and then a PhD in Anatomy at the University of Auckland. His research on protein aggregation in neurodegenerative diseases was continued during an EU Marie Curie Fellowship at the Babraham Institute, Cambridge, UK and further postdoctoral work in Cambridge. Other research projects during this period included making zebrafish models of neurodegenerative disease, profiling of gene expression changes with cognitive practice and their interactions with aging, and studying glycine receptor clustering. At the end of 2005 Dr McGowan moved out of the laboratory and into publishing, taking the position of Associate Editor at the journal Nature Reviews Neuroscience. His work there involved commissioning of topical reviews, developmental editing and writing of regular Highlights articles. Since April 2008 Dr McGowan has been Science Director and Head of Medical Writing at Edanz Group, in which capacity he has developed and delivered many lectures on writing scientific manuscripts throughout China, Japan and the US.

Dr Richard Haase

Dr Richard Haase PhD, Physics 1983
University of Canterbury, New Zealand

Thesis: The Symmetric Groups and the Unitary Groups

Richard Haase completed degrees at the University of Canterbury, taking mainly physics and mathematics. After graduating he spent twenty years abroad at various universities, including Technische Universität Wien as research fellow and Universität Tübingen as DAAD and Alexander von Humboldt research scholar. His previous academic appointment was as Associate Professor in Physics at Universidad Nacional de Colombia.

Over the intervening period, his research and teaching has been orientated towards mathematical physics with topics such as algebras, group theory, representation theory, tensor analysis, and space-time symmetries. The applications have covered widely disparate areas of research such as projective geometry, quantum physics, fluid mechanics, general relativity, electromagnetism, robotics, and computer vision.

Dr Haase is currently the Senior Editor in Physical Sciences based in Edanz's Beijing office.

Dr Diana Bowler

Dr Diana Bowler 2007 PhD Population Ecology
Aberdeen University, UK

Thesis: Dispersal and dynamics of spatially-structured populations

Diana Bowler graduated from Aberdeen University in 2007. During her PhD she used an experimental laboratory system (mites) to investigate the effects of dispersal on population dynamics, specifically the roles of spatiotemporal environmental variation and individual dispersal behavior.

Following her PhD, she was a postdoctoral research officer at the Centre for Evidence-based Conservation (Bangor University, UK) working on research syntheses of a range of questions relevant to conservation and environmental management. More recently, she held a one-year JSPS postdoctoral research fellowship at Kyoto University (Japan) studying the density-dependence of the sub-lethal effects of predators on prey.

During her academic career, Dr Bowler has published several articles, including a highly cited review, and presented her work at conferences and workshops for policy makers, researchers and students. She is also a member of the British Ecological Society and the Royal Statistical Society.

From February 2011, Dr Bowler has been a Specialist Editor in Ecology and Environmental Science in the Fukuoka, Japan office of Edanz.

Amanda Hindle

Amanda Hindle 2003 BSc, Biology (Ecology)
Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, Canada

Amanda Hindle graduated from Simon Fraser University in 2003 with a degree in Ecology, specializing in aquatic and environmental toxicology. After graduating, Amanda went on to work for Health Canada at the Pest Management Regulatory Agency, where she performed risk assessments re-evaluating the human health toxicity of currently registered pesticides via various routes of exposure. During this period, Amanda became interested in public science communication and supplemented her background with studies in editing and public health.

This expanded background led to a position as a Medical Writer and Editor with the Therapeutic Products Directorate at Health Canada, where Amanda contributed to the development and implementation of Summary Basis of Decision documents, which outline to the public the basis of new drug and medical device approvals in Canada.

An avid traveler, Amanda took the opportunity to live overseas for two years, moving to the UK and taking a position as a Production Editor with Development in Cambridge. This role encompassed all areas of post-acceptance editing and journal production, including copyediting, proof corrections, layout and issue makeup. Amanda is based in Edanz's Fukuoka, Japan office in the role of Senior Language Editor and Project Manager.

Dr William Yajima

Dr William Yajima 2009 PhD Plant Science
University of Alberta, Canada

Thesis title: The application of proteomics and recombinant antibody technology for crop improvement

William Yajima completed an MSc (2004) and a PhD (2009) at the University of Alberta. His research focused on plant proteomics, pathology, and molecular biology. His research was related primarily to canola improvement with relevance to agriculture. His plant science research was continued during postdoctoral positions at the University of Saskatchewan and North Dakota State University. Prior to graduate school, Dr. Yajima worked in private industry for a small biotechnology/biopharmaceutical company on projects related to stroke and heart disease.

Since November 2011, Dr. Yajima has been a Senior Plant Sciences Editor in Edanz's Fukuoka office.

Dr Daniel Broaddus

Dr Daniel Broaddus 2010 PhD Applied and Engineering Physics
Cornell University, USA

Thesis: Optical devices and systems in highly nonlinear materials and geometries

Daniel Broaddus graduated in 2010 from Cornell University with a PhD in Applied Physics. He has over eight years of experience in optical physics research. His research focused on technologies with applications to ultra-high-bandwidth telecommunications and on-chip silicon nanophotonic devices. During his tenure at Cornell, Daniel attended many conferences on optical physics and gave numerous talks.

Daniel travelled to Beijing in 2010 to join the Edanz Group in their China office. There, in addition to editing hundreds of manuscripts, he developed educational materials and lectures on scientific manuscript preparation. In November 2010, Daniel visited Seoul, South Korea to give a lecture on manuscript preparation at the 2010 Asian Conference on Organic Electronics.

Shawna Williams

Shawna Williams 2003 Graduate Certificate, Science Communication
University of California, USA

Shawna Williams graduated in 2002 from Colorado College with a B.A. in biochemistry, and from the University of California, Santa Cruz in 2003 with a graduate certificate in science communication. She has since worked as a communications officer at various academic research institutions, as a medical writing instructor, and as a freelance medical editor and science writer.

Ms. Williams previously worked as the Public Affairs Officer at the Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research in Ithaca, New York. There she publicized the institute's research through a website, a newsletter, an annual report, and various events. She later joined the Genetics & Public Policy Center in Washington, DC as the Senior Science Writer. She managed GPPC's monthly newsletter and wrote and edited a variety of materials on its research and on related news developments.

In 2009 Ms. Williams moved to China, where she worked for a year as an instructor and journal editor at West China Hospital and West China School of Medicine, Sichuan University. She taught biomedical reading and writing to undergraduates and oral English to working doctors, and worked with the hospital's periodical press to improve its language and content editing.

Currently, Ms. Williams is a freelance science writer and medical editor. In addition to working with Edanz, she has written for publications such as Chemical & Engineering News and Science, and also helps Chinese authors and journal editors prepare English-language manuscripts for publication. She is based in Chengdu, China.

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